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If you want people to engage with your content you need their attention, and that can be hard, especially with ever-shortening attention spans. One of the most effective ways to do this is to lead with empathy, one of three components that make up an engaging marketing message.

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Using these three components, empathy, authority and story, enables you to communicate the problems you solve for your customer in a way that makes them feel seen, heard and understood. …

You’re expecting me to grab your attention with a hype-filled promise of a formula that will get you seemingly impossible results. Well, this blog is a little different, because it’s all about the least popular, but most effective marketing formula out there.

This is not a quick win 10x your income hype machine, this will not get you 10,000 followers in a month and it will not make you $500,000 in just 2 weeks. Those promises are bullshit and you know it.

But it will bring you the best, most profitable customers you’ve ever worked with.

So what is this magic formula then, and why is it so unpopular? …

Most marketing plans/strategies are complicated and expect you to spend lots of money on Ads and software. If you’re large business or team then you will need a detailed plan, and will have some budget to spend on Ads and tools, but as a small business owner, it’s often overkill. We’ve been doing marketing for over 18 years and we know you don’t need a complex plan and a huge budget to get marketing working. Often all a small business needs to do is get the basics sorted. So what are the marketing basics?

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What is a Marketing Plan?

Simply put a marketing plan or strategy is what you’re going to do to nurture strangers into customers. It’s a series of steps you encourage people to take in order get to know, like and trust you enough so you can then make them an offer. This plan is different from a content plan, which is where you plan out what content to create and share. You need to make a marketing plan before you do a content plan so you know what you’re trying to do, what content you need to make and where it’s best to share it. …

Most social content that businesses post is not working for them. Much to their frustration, it doesn’t get any engagement and it doesn’t result in a flurry of sales. It doesn’t have to be this way. When it’s done right posting on social media can be really effective and consistently drive sales. In 2021 the average person will spend 100 days of the year scrolling on social media, so there has never been a better time to post!

If you’ve tried posting on social before and it hasn’t worked then now is the time to take a fresh look at how you can get it working. …

When is the right time to stop doing marketing yourself and hire a marketing agency to help? We get asked this a lot by small business owners who want to ‘get their marketing sorted out’. There are several things to consider when you’re looking to take your marketing to the next level and there are 4 stages in this process. Some companies can go from 1–4 but others have to work through them all. Which are you?

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What an agency won’t tell you

The one thing most marketing agencies won’t tell you is that making marketing work well for a business is a lot easier if they already have an audience and have some form of marketing working already (even if it does need some work). It removes a lot of the guesswork and makes scaling it up a lot simpler. They won’t tell you this because they don’t want you to go away and try it yourself, they want you to pay them to do it. …

Right before a customer buys from a small business they’re asking themselves one thing, “do I trust them?” In a face to face sale this question is much easier for them to answer, especially if they’ve spent a long time deciding about the purchase, but what about online? How do they decide if they trust someone before they buy online?

A lot of businesses struggle to get customers to trust them enough to buy what they sell. So how do you build trust online?

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People buy people

This well-known phrase is especially true online, so because your customer is making their decisions whilst staring at a screen you have to be present on that screen during their consideration process. This is what a lot of businesses owners refuse to accept. They think that their photos of the product or fancy graphics will do the job for them. They do help, but really what people want to see when they are deciding if they should buy or not is….. …

“You need a plan to make marketing work”. That’s not what you want to hear I know, but stick with me. I know you want me to say “you can just skip the plan and get lots of new customers with a few Ads”. Well if it was that easy then frankly, I’d be out of a job, so it’s time to face the reality that you need a plan to make marketing work. In this article, I’ll explain what you need to plan for to make marketing work?

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The Shortcut looks so appealing

Lots of business owners say they don’t have time for all that marketing stuff they want to jump ahead and get people to BUY NOW. They want to shortcut the marketing process and take people from stranger to sale. …

Businesses often want fast results and turn to marketing to get them. However, marketing isn’t the right tool for the job. There are a lot of companies out there who will happily take your money to help you get these fast results, and they will often get you a lot of traffic, people or ‘engagement’. But how does this translate to cash in the bank? If marketing isn’t the right tool for the job so what is?

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Marketing isn’t the right tool for quick results

Marketing is the process of nurturing strangers into ideal customers. It’s about bringing your business customers who are ready to buy, they don’t need to be sold to, they just want to know ‘how soon can you start?’ …

According to companies house in the UK, three-quarters of small businesses in the UK are just one person. So who is helping them? How on earth do 4.5 million people run a business all on their own?

Undoubtedly they have help in the form of service providers, consultants and outsourcing, but at their heart, it’s still just them. I run my businesses with my business partner Ben, and we’ve known each other for over 20 years so I am one of a few people who have someone for support, guidance, encouragement and raining in my crazy ideas! So even if you’re a small team it can sometimes feel like there isn’t anyone around you who understands what it’s like to run a business. …

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Why are you spending so much money on paid Ads? Do they work? Can you measure how much return they generate? More often than not, business owners can’t, so why do they keep spending?

The major platforms, Facebook and Google, have spent millions of dollars making marketing websites to tell you that Ads will work, and Ads are the answer, but from what I see for small businesses I’m not convinced.

I believe that making great content with real value is the answer to most peoples marketing problem, and it always outperforms Ads in the long run. …

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