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Marketing mentor empowering at capacity coaches to reclaim control of their time, business and energy to build a better, balanced lifestyle.

We have arrived!

After a combined 40 years of being on the marketing train, we have arrived at Better Bolder Braver.

This blog post is designed to set out our vision, so that you can be clear about what we are trying to do, how, when and why — so that you know if the Better Bolder Braver community is the one for you.

Who We Are

We are two humans who’ve been around the marketing block. We are now turning our attention, experience, passion and excitement to a brand new venture — for us and for coaches.

Before we launch into one…

If you want people to engage with your content you need their attention, and that can be hard, especially with ever-shortening attention spans. One of the most effective ways to do this is to lead with empathy, one of three components that make up an engaging marketing message, that I call Empathy Led Marketing™.

Using these three components, empathy, authority and story, enables you to communicate the problems you solve for your customer in a way that makes them feel seen, heard and understood. …

This week (Monday 26th July) we spoke to Karen Webber on the practice of Ethical Marketing.

Karen runs Goodness Marketing, which helps a range of business owners to rethink and get more confident about doing their marketing. She talked to us about how important it was for her to find The Ethical Move, and how she is now a driving force behind what it stands for. We spoke about the shift in thinking from ‘selling’ to intention-driven marketing, and about open conversations that help others get to a place of passion and generosity through their marketing.

We talked quite a…

This week (Monday 19th July), we hosted the first episode of our Monday Masterclass sessions on ‘Why a Coaching Community Matters’ with Lucy Bramley.

We talked about the power of Community in sharing your ‘Why?’, Community ‘mindset shift’ and why holding space for people to share ideas can foster new opportunities when we least expect it. You can listen to the full episode here.

Using the Masterclass as inspiration, we’ve put together three reasons why a Coaching Community matters, and how it can be used to deepen your marketing practice:

1) The Power of Community to find your ‘Why?’

Lucy talked about a framework for understanding our Why? —…

Are you a coach like lots of other coaches? Do you do what a lot of other coaches do? For some, this viewpoint holds them back. For others, it’s exactly what helps them stand out from the crowd.

If you want to get noticed, imagine you’re a bread company. Imagine your local supermarket with an aisle full of sliced loaves. It’s all just bread. But when you walk down that aisle, doing the weekly shop, you choose one loaf over all the rest. Why? In this article, we’ll find out.

Being the same actually makes it easier

It might seem counterintuitive at first but being the same…

When you read about marketing your coaching business, it’s easy to feel bad for not doing enough. But instead of making you feel bad (not how we do things here!) I’d rather talk about marketing in a way that will excite and inspire you.

When you read marketing blogs and videos, it’s easy to get the impression you’re not doing enough, you’re not keeping up, and unless you’re relentlessly posting on social media you’re just not good enough.

Frankly, most of what I read is just hype. So many blogs and videos paint an unrealistic picture of what coaches NEED…

Despite what many coaches may believe — despite what you may believe — coaching clients aren’t buying time. Yes, your sessions are timed. And in them, you spend a slice of your time with the client. But they’re not buying your time.

If it was your time they wanted, they’d happily pay your hourly rate to play Scrabble. Don’t get your hopes up, they’re not going to do that. So, what are they paying for? Well, obviously, they’re paying for what happens during the time you give them. They’re paying for outcomes… results. But maybe it’s not so “obvious” after…

Building a community is hard. It can feel like an enormous amount of work, and like a big risk. That’s why we’re inviting 50 coaches to join us as pioneers and help us in building our community. We know we can’t do it alone.

We’ve spoken to a lot of coaches about their marketing, and we’ve heard the same stories time and time again. This has inspired us to create Better Bolder Braver with its vision being to empower coaches to regain control of their business and energy so that they can build a more balanced lifestyle. …

This is the story of how I met Frances Khalastchi and started a new business in 6 months.

I’d been looking for a ‘niche’ after spending 2 years helping lots of different small businesses with their marketing during lockdown. It was a lot of fun, very rewarding and I made a lot of new connections that I’m sure will be around for a long time to come.

I felt that by niching down to a smaller audience, I could take everything I’d learned, shared and created and make a bigger impact. Everyone I worked with loved Empathy Led Marketing and…

How do you feel about marketing yourself to prospective coaching clients?

Comfortable? Assured? Positive? Confident?

Or are you (even a little) nervous, uneasy, hesitant, uncertain…?

Whether it’s a 1-to-1 pitch, a Zoom call, or recording persuasive content to camera, if you’re feeling any of the latter emotions, you have company. Most people don’t like the idea of putting themselves, or their business, out there. It often feels daunting to explain or justify what you do… especially in front of a camera!

If you feel in need of more confidence when selling and marketing yourself, read on for three practical steps…

Simon Batchelar

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