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  • anne miltenburg

    anne miltenburg

    Leveraging the power of brand for social and environmental change. Author of Brand The Change.

  • Matthew Bellringer

    Matthew Bellringer

    Workplace happiness, psychology and technology - meaningbit.com

  • Charles Davies

    Charles Davies


  • Mark Steadman

    Mark Steadman

    Podcast producer, consultant, and coach. I help people feel good about creating their best work. If found, please return to the nearest country pub.

  • Kieran Morris

    Kieran Morris

    Classically-trained tenor who conducts large community choirs and coaches people to use their speaking voice to its fullest potential.

  • Carlos Saba

    Carlos Saba

    Co–founder of The Happy Startup School. Lover of learning and using that learning to help others.

  • The Happy Startup School

    The Happy Startup School

    Helping a new breed of entrepreneur to realise their dreams – budding entrepreneurs and startup founders that put happiness and people before profits.

  • Karen Webber

    Karen Webber

    Ethical marketing coach, trainer and strategist at Goodness Marketing and the ethical move.

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